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Saturday, September 10, 2011


From an unlit room, you can't see how sad the eyes. The shadow of bitterness moving from the dark. The lips smirk from the pain. The seething anger from deep within. The tears from despair asking for help. Loneliness engulfed. The need to move but can't go on. Closing the eyes not to see what's ahead. Painful reality of losing it. Covering the ears not to hear what's being said. Stabbing deep like a sword.
The heart wanted to stop but knowing there are some counting on, the mind can't go to a halt. Rising again, smiling..but losing every strength to carry on. No one bothers to look. Every minute, every single day, it long it would last, no one seems to know...walk..walk...waiting for its last breath...

#depression #pain #loneliness


  1. I have experienced that for a few times....what can I say, it take s a lot of courage and strength to defeat this menace by yourself.

  2. I really like the way you describe depression. Only someone who has gone through it will recognize it since society in general doesn't really understand depression for what it is. I've gone through it numerous times in my life and while the degree of pain is different every time, it is like walking the fires of hell.

    Love your post . . .

  3. takes strength and courage to win the battle with this menace..and understanding someone takes one to have undergone depression...nobody knows how it feels, how it affects the lives of those who had been there...only if u have gone through it..u will know..tnx for all the comments..(",)

  4. It's sad to know that so many people deal with this every day. I bet it's worse in this economy.


  5. ,,yeah so many people..but I think it's worst when ur dealing with a relationship rather than for economic reasons..people could do something when it comes to money but relationships??..too hard..only faith in God could reverse it..:)


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