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Friday, February 4, 2011

Sometimes and Always...

Sometimes, some of the things we do, we don't know why we're doing it.
But for always, we do things for a reason, for every act there's a purpose and a motive behind.
Some people know what they want some are not.
Some people don't even know who they are and yet some people think they know everything.
And there are some people who are too proud of themselves but
some doesn't even have the confidence relying on themselves.
Some people know when to fight on and to let go;
some people hide what's inside their hearts and yet some let it all go even if it's hurting somebody..
if there are some, there will always be someone or somebody doing the opposite.
But one thing is sure, if there are some who are always doing different and opposite things, then
some for always never holds true for many that for always, in all ways, all people wanted to be loved and all people wanted to be happy. (",)

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