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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teachers of the Decade..\o/

     Attending my son's graduation in high school last March 31 made me shiver and reminds me of my graduation day 25 years ago. I wasn't sentimental back then compared to my son's graduation..there's a mixed emotion..happy, that finally another stage of my son's life has ended and the joy of hoping he would be in college and that he would make it better this time...sad, that my son isn't a baby anymore, the one I used to cuddle, he would have his own life and decision and I'm afraid for him to have mistakes.
     As the ceremony has ended, we took pictures with some of his teachers..our teachers. This blog is actually for these teachers who have exemplary done their work..our English teacher, our Social Studies teacher and our Music teacher. Except for the first one, both teachers were known for their terrifying effect on students and I had been one of those students. They really have an  impact on me as a person and as a teacher. I would say they are effective and efficient as well.
     They are the teachers of the decade, dedicated to their work, inculcating the importance of teaching and learning of their students..How come..I'm an English teacher too and planning to get a certification on TESL, I still remember the Afro-Asian literature, the use of auxilliary verbs, doing a written report, the World history, reporting inside the class, how to read musical notes and understanding the piano parts. How to be neat, how to talk in front of the people and how to recite even if your nervous. Twenty-five years have gone by, and they became the teachers of my son.
     Imagine the times they have been in our alma mater, the times they have spent teaching kids, the many times students were leaving them and new ones came in. I've felt the same way they had felt many times when my own students have graduated. When all else are leaving for the American Dream, they were the ones who are left for the Filipino dreams. And still no one can surpass the dedication they them all..they deserve more of the best! Kudos to all my teachers..\o/

Our English teacher, Mrs. Raquel Naanep-Bato.

Our Social Studies teacher, Ms. Loida Estrada

Our Music teacher, Mr. Silvestre Mariano.

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  1. hi emzee!
    congrats for your son's graduation...hahaha, i will also be graduating from college next month...
    thanks for commenting and following my blog


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