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Sunday, June 24, 2018

Falling Apart

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Things are not getting any easier when what you had planned starts falling apart. Every hardships that you have put into it, time, tears, effort.. gradually taken its toll. You cannot tell anyone what has gone awry. You have your kids, siblings, friends, and relatives to share your thoughts, yet you think they wouldn't understand. They can see you, they are with you.. but you are still all alone. You became silent, withdrawn, lonely. Beating this extreme sadness and loneliness within, you just sat there, have given up to what may come as you fall apart..bits and pieces, slowly.. you breakdown, you cry like a child, you let it out. You have questions left unanswered. Each unfolding of events come back to you, again and again. You had wished you are not here, you had thought of ending the situation in an unusual way...

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