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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Gift of Giving

       I have come across a story which seems like a fairy tale but truly happened in the early 90's during the Bosnian war. It would remind you of an old fairy tale about a golden fish caught by a poor fisherman who begged to free him since he was actually a prince. When the wife of the poor fisherman was told of his experience, she asked her husband to return and make a wish to the golden fish for them to be free from poverty. Though a disaster had happened later in the fairy tale, the true story I have read is in a way different since the blessings given to the family are intact.
      This true story began in the northwestern village of Jezero, before the outbreak of the Bosnian War. A father named Smajo Malkoc returned from a trip in Austria bringing with him a gift of an aquarium with two goldfish for his two teenage sons. Two years later, women and children fled but the men stayed back to resist the attacking of Bosnian Serb forces. Smajo Malkoc was killed and his wife, Fehima, sneaked into the destroyed village, secretly buried his husband, and took whatever remains she could get of their belongings. Fehima, took pity on the fish in the aquarium and she let them out in the nearby lake saying to herself, "This way, they might be more fortunate than us."
      Later in 1995, Fehima returned with his two sons on their home. Looking toward the lake, she glimpsed something strange on the lake and walked over to the shore to find out. She found out that the whole lake was full of shining golden fish. From then on, they started caring for and selling the goldfish and 3 years after, the Malkoc house is one of the biggest in their village. The Malkoc family said they have enough money to quit worrying the future. According to one of the sons, it was a special kind of gift from their father. 
       The father took the initiative of giving the gift of goldfish to his two sons, then the mother follows by giving the gift of freedom and life to the two goldfish by letting them to the lake during the war, thus, life underwater had flourished and the gift of hope and new life had come to the Malkoc family after the war. Homes, stores, coffee shops all over the region had their aquariums with goldfish from Jezero. This story is a good example of giving and receiving that the gift of love or an act of kindness, no matter how small or insignificant it maybe, God blesses and uses it to accomplish and fulfill great things. "Give, and it will be given unto you" (Luke 6:38). We should not doubt that God can take whatever  we offer Him and turn it into something magnificent. In the midst of chaos and trouble, God's grace is relentless, his kingdom is flourishing even though life on the surface is full of trouble and strife. 

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