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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Setting Up A Business in the Philippines

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Thinking of starting a business in the Philippines? 
First, you have to register your business name with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) for single proprietoship business, or the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for Partnership or Corporation. After that you have  to secure the permits below from your local government or the city/region where your business is located.

1. Barangay clearance

Where to get it: Barangay hall

Registration certificate from the DTI or SEC and valid/government-issued identification cards. You should also have fire safety and electrical inspection certificates and present Lease of Contract of Site. 
Fee: P1,500 (may vary for each municipality or city)

2. Mayor’s permit (also known as business permit)

Where to get it: Municipal or city hall in the place where you will set-up your business

Barangay clearance, registration certificate from DTI or SEC, valid IDs, and location map/sketch of your place of business. You will also need to secure a community tax certificate

3. Tax Registration Number (or TIN) 

Where to get it: Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR)

Accomplished BIR forms 1901 or 1903, valid IDs, location sketch of your place of business, a copy of your mayor’s permit or municipal license, and registration certificate from the DTI or SEC
Fee: P500 plus 1% of subscribed capital for the documentary stamp

4. Special Permits

Depending on the nature of your business, you may also need to obtain special permits. If your business, for example, will be dealing with food, chemicals,  i.e., cosmetics, medicines; or of any health-related product or service, a permit from the Department of Health’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be needed. 

5. Social Security

If you are hiring employees, you are required to register them for Social Security protection. Of course, you should get one for yourself as well. 

Where to get it: Social Security System (SSS) office

Accomplished SSS Form R-1 for employer registration, accomplished SSS Form R-1A that lists the names of your employees, and Articles of Partnership or Incorporation for partnerships or corporations.

6. You should also provide your employees with memberships in PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) and PAG-IBIG (home development mutual fund), as mandated by the labor law. 

For more info click here.: Department of Trade & Industry

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Friday, April 19, 2019

Depression Kills

     Depression is not just a mere sadness or loneliness, but if not controlled can lead to depressive state. Frequent emotional ups and downs will lead to depression. These emotional shadows may be brought by pressures from work or family, stress from too much work, anxiety in everyday lives, painful  and traumatic experiences, too much expectations that lead to discouragement and low self-esteem, and the list goes on. 
     Once a person has it, he seems helpless, nowhere to go, no one to turn to. He is withdrawn from all the routinary activities of his daily life. Losing interest with those things he was interested in and fond of. Nobody among his colleagues or friends could see the dark shadow one is having. No one beside him could feel the turmoil within.
  Depression is a mental state. Depression kills. Depression leads to someone killing himself to stop all the worries and pain. Believing no one cares, believing no one can help, believing no one hears, believing one is helpless. Depression is a serious matter that should not be ignored. Depression kills and for anyone who has it or knows that someone is having it, it is always too late for them to reach out.
      If someone you know you think  are experiencing depression, dont leave her alone. Talk. These links can help.

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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Money Changes Everything

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As the song goes in the 80's,
It breaks  or unbreaks
 a relationship..
  from having none
   to have one and 
    having nothing again. 
Truly, it changes
 your lifestyle, 
  your appearance,
   your personality, 
    your characteristic, 
     your relationship with others. 
It could be
 positive or negative,
  depends on how people
    accepted or absorbed
      everything associated with it.
  they say 
   is the root 
    of all evil.
If you will analyze,
 money cannot move nor act,
   but the people handling it can.. 
    and that causes 
      numerous problems, 
        and heart aches. 
Money changes everything.. 
   if you have problems with it, 
    it could make your life 
If you have it,
  it could make your life 
    yet miserable.
If you have it once
 and got it lost, 
   it could make your life
    anxious, devastated, 
     and also miserable.
Yes, money could make
  someone's life miserable
   in any way that  matters,
    and in more ways than never.
Money alleviates poverty
  yet snatch out the happiness
   within whether
     you have it or not.
Even snapped you out
  from your insanity, or
    catch your breath from your life
      through your own hands.

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Sunday, December 9, 2018

The Somber State I Am

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There are days like these.. dull, stuck, lax. 
You wanted your own world or self to be in circles. 
You can't see or rather inattentive
to those people around you, not by accident but by choice. 
It maybe caused by some hormones 
or emotional pain caused by other people, or it could be both at the same time. 
Somber it may seem, you have to divert your attention so as not to think deeply.. 
you have to do things you love doing.. 
you have to seek people who are willing to share and listen. 
Being somber, if you don't recognize could lead to depression. 
Being somber makes you lazy 
for the things you need to do but hates doing. 
Being somber does not merely being sad nor gloomy, nor lonely, 
sometimes it is knowing yourself, 
recognizing your worth, 
or renewing yourself. 
As I am, 
I put them into writing. 
I am trying to express thoughts I did not want to share or trying to share at least, to any particular person 
but letting other people know 
that if they feel the same, 
they are not ..

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Sunday, November 11, 2018

English 101: The Continous Tenses of the Verb (series 1.C5)

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     Previously, I have written here the simple tenses of the verb then followed by the perfect tenses of the verb, now we will proceed to continuous tenses also known as progressive tenses of the verb.  Continuous tenses of the verb show an action that is in progress, was in progress, or will  be in progress at a certain period. Continuous tenses are formed by the 'be'-verb + -ing form of the verb

am, is, are + -ing form of the verb = for present tense
was, were + -ing form of the verb = for past tense
will be + -ing form of the verb = for future tense

Present Continuous Tense > it indicates that an action is still happening now, always happening, and may continue to happen in the future.


     1) Eejay is washing the dishes while he plays music from his mobile phone.
     2) I am thinking of what to prepare for today's lunch.
     3) The PlanetShakers are going to perform live at Araneta Coliseum.
     4) Are we taking this jacket on our way to Baguio City?

Past Continuous Tense > it indicates a continuing action that was happening at some period in the past.

     1) I was playing mobile games when I heard the sad news.
     2) At the strike of the clock, they were singing joyously in the place.
     3) She was laughing hard until she fell off the stage.
     4) You were sleeping when she arrived.

Future Continuous Tense > it  indicates an action that will happen in the future and will continue to happen at expected length of time.

     1) He will be sleeping the whole day after all his tasks.
     2) I will be talking in a conference this Friday.
     3) We will be taking Diane and Joan to the party.
     4) Susan and Peter will be joining us later this afternoon.

** Present continuous and Future Continuous use action verbs only and not stative verbs. Stative verbs are state of being that does not show a qualities of change. It includes emotions, possessions, and thoughts.

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Monday, September 10, 2018

Break Free

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🎶"I want to break free..I want to break free from your lies, you're so self-satisfied I don't need you. I've got to break free. God knows I want to break free..."🎶
     This is the famous song of the equally famous band, The Queen. But no, I am not thwarting about a romance nor wanting to break free from a lost love. It is something else. It is what I have been contemplating to do for years, maybe three years to be exact. But to no avail, it has been three long years and I'm still stuck with it.
     I love to talk, I love to impart knowledge, I wanted to share, I wanted to encourage especially those who did think that life is harder and seems to be no way out. In those days when I was in a different field, how I long wanted to become one of the so-called noble profession. Those were the days, when the name of the profession speaks for what it is. Now being here, I have become one, in spirit and in its supposed ideals. But being on it, I have to embrace everything.. from the extra hours we put to deliver, to the extra effort and fare we go through making a visit that could also endanger our lives (I have almost experienced one but my intuition got it), as well as to the extra money we put forth to make this profession adhere to its purpose.
     As years went by, the concept that once define this profession is no longer reliable. The extra hours used up by this profession yet being under paid added another  insult to injury. Paper works, i.e., reports, documentation, forms to fill up, and online system which in order to use it, should come from our pocket. These reports are to be sent to higher up for budget allocation, performance evaluation and promotion, ranking, program evaluation and result, etc. All of these are being printed out and submitted on specific due date at the hype of cashless and paperless society brought about by information technology. Imagine the access to online system yet it has more papers than you can imagine. The pressure and tension it gives for the additional burden to beat the deadline, and the inconsistencies of the rule in preparing forms, reports and documents are inevitable. 
     The main responsibilty of this profession is not a problem, but the additional burden of painting the system effective plus the caprices of some people around in the hierarchy makes this profession famous for its suicidal news.
     So now as the song goes.."I want to break free.." Yes, I wanted to break myself free from all the tensions and stress it causing me. I wanted to do beyond what I am capable of. My value and principle does not adhere anymore with the profession I have chosen and I have stayed with for almost 8 years. I need to do things what I should have done 3 years ago. I know myself more than anyone else, my ingenuity and resourcefulness will do it, with my touch of sensitivity and generosity, and my God.
     "I want to break free from your lies, you're so self-satisfied I don't need you." Yes, I wanted to break free from its lies, from its make believe world. The fantasies of changing lives. The tedious paper works that needs to be done in due time. All sort of activities related to students and schools but unrelated  to the quality it may bring to the very core of its professional existence. The cover up by each of us for the school, leaders, system advocates to create a positive image for them just for a mere financial rewards and for some who wants to be promoted from their ranks (well some of them are well-deserving as we know them yet some are not, due to 'add & subtract' scheme of documents presented to earn points). The assertiveness of my spirit to stop things but I can't. Voices must be heard.
     Yes, I need it that is why I am still here because of the stability it gives but I don't need it if it causes a lot of stress and quality time for family. If worrying, anxiety, and stress can give us joy and earnings, I would be happier and richer by now. If I don't do it now, when could it be? I don't wanna have regrets later on if I won't break free. Just let me end the school year with grace and passion.. because.."I've got to break free." God knows I want to break free..." 

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