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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ready for a Shopping Online?

     Time has changed so are the buying habits of people. Scouring the malls for good buys, preparation, traffic, time, exhaustion that entails for buying items that we want, all of these give us the convenience of buying online. 

But how safe it is for the buying public as well as for the online sellers?

     Most of the people are skeptics when a site is asking for a credit card or shies away since they do not own one. Even a Paypal account required you to have a credit card account in order to avail of their services, but having one for your credit card is safer on Paypal. Online sellers make use of direct deposit to their account through established banks, payment centers or convenient stores. 
But the question is how safe and how reliable the online sellers and that the ordered items will be delivered as promised?
     There are sites acting as intermediaries for online sellers and buyers, as well as sites with links on secured system for  accepting credit cards such as Verisign. Buyers can buy items through sites with multiple sellers through credit cards, direct deposit through banks and payment centers (Dragonpay.) Trusted online selling sites also lessen the hassle for sellers in looking for courier in delivering the items and promoting the products as well. The buyers are also protected from their sellers in case of undelivered or damaged items. Gone are the days for meet ups in delivering the goods thus putting both the sellers and buyers at risk and avoid bogus people enjoying our hard earned money without the promised goods. So before you buy or deliver the items make sure you have made some research and investigation as to the site acting as intermediary or the seller itself.

Try visiting these online stores: 

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