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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Life Seems so Unfair

     Sometimes life is harder because some people around you made it that way, for the reason we sometimes didn't know or maybe just to hurt others. Most of the time people who have done crazy things on another people get the best of what they want. People act for their own self, only mothers can't.. and it's very rare for a mother to think only on her own. Life seems unfair when somebody who had hurt you physically, made you think lowly of yourself, whom you had helped in keeping the boat from sinking..and yet you have to give way for everything that that somebody had ruined. Life seems so unfair when somebody who has done cruel things and  are abusive of their powers or strength amassed fortune or sympathy. Is it really fair?
     But come to think of it, life may seem unfair yet the choice to make it fair or not, to do good against evil is a choice.  And that the greatest revenge is not doing evil against evil, tooth for a tooth and eye for an's forgiveness and doing what's best to keep peace at yourself...

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