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Sunday, May 31, 2015

My Site Was Hacked

     After posting my last blog article two months ago, I found out that readers and I were being redirected to another site whenever there was an attempt to view my site. I can't figure out what happened..did I post or open a malicious link? did I approve a comment? because the first day it appeared, I have approved a one comment which has a url link related to, which I think, to my post. For many days, I kept looking through all my links, post, ads, html affiliates, checking all their contents but I couldn't find what went wrong. I even looked into the Google customer service to help me, none related and no answer to the FAQs I have sent. Searching through for many days, I had found a forum in Google for the same problem that I got..."my blog site being redirecting to another site". I found out I am not the only one who had encountered the same problem. There was one blogger with the same fate and was answered by,  I think a Google staff. So I have written mine there since I have read the staff mentioned that for even the same problem occurrence, it is on a case to case basis. Few days after, I received an email that my query was answered. The staff told me that he found a malicious link in one of my affiliate link. He told me to check on it and delete the said link. I found the one he was telling me and after deleting it,I have viewed my worked. From the time on, I cannot write on this site and was also thinking to create another site since I was nearly losing hope at that time. And for all the bloggers  out there, always log out and change you password from time to time, every month if possible.

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