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Saturday, September 5, 2015

EmOtioNaL & SoCiAl HiBeRnATioN

Getting away with all of the pros and cons of life. Being still with all the predicaments of life. Disconnecting from the social hiatus of this confusing and noisy world. Hibernating in the winter of our life. Everything happens for a reason, some things reach out their limits.
Grief. Anger. Depression. They can take the life out of you, yet they can bring out the best in you. Yes.. hoping and putting the faith on something gives the strength to live on, move on, and take the action. But life isn't that easy, nor that complex that you can just look at it as situational as it is or as it's LIFE per se. Whatever these lines meant for me and you, take a hold and grasp everything it says. It is precious..yet time do comes you want to get out of it in whatever means. It is when a blast from the past would eventually brings the reason for letting it out, letting it go, keeping it go, moving away, getting away, or disconnecting  from everything around us.
Winters.. some people go out to enjoy what life brings. Winters.. some people hide, sleep, freeze, stop..not because they do not want to enjoy that season, but to come out with something from themselves, to emerge some one from a ruin destroyed, used up, and broken. Some one who keeps still quite a while from all of the turmoil life his this this world. The winters in our life...
Withdrawn from your own emotions yet intact with the reality, Disconnected from outside his realms yet looking on it as just moving pieces of everyday terrain. Going back, getting back .. choices are there to continue or pursue, being still or move on...there are those who manages to go on but partially continuing what he wants to do and yet remains disconnected. Enjoying every bit on himself and looking at a distance by introspecting to his self or communing to the nature. Right or wrong, image, belief, ego, pride, confusion, decisions to make, choices.. it makes life complicated. Withdraw, or play, or quit. Disconnect, or go around, or stop. 
Most of the time, being alone in yourself...letting time passed by..doing what you is hibernating from all the round-ups of life.

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