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Thursday, January 21, 2016

I n t u i t i o n

     Intuition..gut feeling..or a hunch that we call.. sixth sense? According to psychic library, it is the awareness of a fact or reality that is not related by any usual reasoning power or logical assumption. Yes, the sixth sense and everyone has it, though only a few are in tune with it. WebMD states that just like the brain, there are neurotransmitter in the gut that can respond to stimuli and emotions in the now.
     Some people set aside these feelings, some people tend not to share what transpired after these feelings. I, for one rarely share this kind of feeling, unless I have detected that the one I'm talking to believes or has an open mind about this topic. Some people with a broader mind call it a gift of discernment. 
     The very vivid memories of this intuitive ability or gift has happened 18 years ago. This is very significant even though I have been experiencing the same many times. I had 2 kids then and teaching in a prestigious university that a need for a housemaid was very urgent and badly needed. Our grandmother referred a woman who had worked for them long before. Maybe because it was a long time ago, she forgot to mention the unlikely things the maid had done. As I was asking questions, her answers made me uneasy, but then I had dismiss the thought. On our way to our parents, the owner type jeep that we were driving lose its brake and we had to stop and slammed at the small truck in front of us, it seems something was stopping us to bring the maid to our house. We had survived the accident with no injuries and arrived in our parents' home safely. Once again, I asked the maid some questions which I had asked her before though in a different form or style. Throughout all these, my intuition tells me something but..I had once again.. dismiss the thought, for I have been longing to have a maid.
     After taking our lunch, I went out to buy some goods and when I came back the maid was gone Our mother told us that the maid had asked permission to buy some personal things she needed. Hours went by, the woman still hadn't come back until I checked my bag..there with sadness..I had been robbed The woman had taken my cash in the bag with her and scrambling through with her stuff, it only contains one shirt and one pants. It brought us to conclusion that she really was up to something. The good thing, maybe, she had not reach our home yet and it could be worse than this. From then on, I have learned to follow whatever my intuition would say, regardless of any situation or circumstances. 
     There are other remarkable encounters with that gift, if I may say..usually with persons I am dealing with in my daily lives. Out of nowhere it would just popped out of my mind what a partucular person had done and find it true. There were instances that a person whom I have never met before made me uneasy because I discern something is wrong with his behavior or he is up for something or sometimes there is a need for me to be so concerned for that person. The last one I've learned to manage..pray for the person and talk to him. Some instances were delicate and complicated I cannot discuss it here for the privacy of some people.
     Intuition is also weighing the things or decisions you have to make. If you feel uncomfortable, not at ease in a certain place or person because you sense something (which some people call it "aura"), it would be right to avoid them than suffer what negative happenings could have transpired. When we were in Dalaguete, Cebu with kids in a strange and a far place away not only from house but from the city, I was not comfortable with the place. Beside the bay, though big and homy, can't sleep the whole night until it rained and a brown out took place (remember about the maid? when there are minor unpleasant incidents, it's a sign worse could happen). Generator from the resort was pulled on. At 5am, I texted the driver we had ridden from the airport to fetch us and check-in to another hotel. I don't really know what would really happened that night but as for me, I cannot put my kids in danger or whatever what's in that place. I have travelled with kids many times and this was the only one which I feel disturbed the moment we stepped in until the night. Though we had reserved for 2 nights and 3 days, we only spent one night and find another place in Mactan. If you're in my shoe, would you do the same? Please comment below what you think.

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