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Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Pixie Dust of New Year

New year comes and new hope begins. Welcoming the new year with fireworks display all over the world signifies a new spark of hope for everyone, the spark that my younger daughter had noticed, telling's like a pixie dust. The spark of happy thoughts! Pixie Dust! Pixie dust of fairies from the movies Peter Pan and Tinkerbell, a magical golden glitter that grants the ability to fly. As in Oxford dictionary, pixie dust is a substance or influence with an apparently magical effect that brings great success or luck. And as fireworks have different colors and effects, so are the Pixie Dusts. According to Disney Wikia, pixie dust have different colors with abilities and talents. Let us try to associate the colors with our gifts and talents.

Gold >> Grants flight and/or weightlessness. Helps a fairy greatly argument and strengthen its magical talents. Creates other colors of Pixie Dust when mixed together with Blue Pixie and certain ingredients.

"This could be our Hearts/Passion and Dreams that can make us fly and be successful. As our Hearts and Dreams can win an argument for us and strengthen our desire to achieve our goals."

Blue >> Creates golden pixie dust. Replenishes Gold Pixie Dust supply. Supremely powerful multiplier. Creates other colors of pixie dust when mixed together with Gold Pixie Dust and other ingredients.

"This could be the Self-Motivation and the Values that supplies and strengthens our Hearts/Passion and Dreams. These gifts are powerful multiplier as it builds people to go and move on with their lives."

Green >> Grants the intellectual and intuitive abilities of a Tinker-Talent Fairy. Restores a Tinker-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Augments a Tinker-Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Tinker-Talent fairy. Enables Tinker fairies to forge and create, mend and repair, modify and upgrade anything they make with ease.

"This could be our Mind and Reasoning ability that would enable us to think, create, innovates, and find more ways to succeed in life. "

Amber >> Grants the abilities of a Light-Talent Fairy. Restores a Light-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Augments and amplifies a Light-Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Light-Talents Fairy.

"This could be for those who have the abilities in motivating and encouraging other people, how they give light, hope and touch lives."

Pink >> Grants the abilities of a Garden-Talent Fairy. Restores a Garden-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Augments a Garden-Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Garden Talent Fairy. Create and control plant life and vegetation.

"This could be for those who have the abilities in caring, the supportive one. How their care and support can control and create something new in people's hearts and minds."

Purple >> Grants the abilities of a Fast-Flying-Talent Fairy. Restores a Fast-Flying-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Greatly augments and magnifies a Fast-Flying Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Fast-Flying Fairy.

"This could be for those who seems like to have the Midas touch in everything they do and yet able to help those who needed help in an instant without much thinking, generous."

Cyan >> Grants the abilities of a Water-Talent Fairy. Restores a Water-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Augments a Water-Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Water Talent Fairy.

"This could be for those who have the abilities of easy adaptation and calmness in every situations/circumstances, those who give way for peace and security."

Orange >> Grants the abilities of an Animal-Talent Fairy. Restores an Animal-Talent Fairy's lost/swapped out abilities. Augments an Animal-Talent Fairy's abilities onto a Non-Animal-Talent Fairy.

"This could be for those who have the abilities of loving people, whoever and whatever they are and what they have been. Appreciate everyone's qualities and everything in its place."

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