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Monday, February 15, 2016

English 101: The VERB (series 1.C1)

     This is my 6th writings about Parts of Speech in English 101, the Verb. This is the third part of speech that is being discussed here, after Noun and Pronoun. Verb is a word that expresses an action or state of being. Action verb denotes an action word such as clap, tap, walk, dance, talk, jump, etc. The linking verb denotes a state of being such as am, is, was, are, we. We also have what we call the helping verb used with main verb to form verb phrases.

Action Verbs > show either a physical or mental action.
    Examples: His plane landed at NAIA two hours ago. (physical action)
                      She always hopes for the best in us. (mental action)

Linking Verbs > used to connect the subject of a sentence with a noun or an adjective identifies or describes the noun or pronoun.

Helping verbs:  be, been                 have, has, had        
                          do, does, did         will, would
                          shall, should         can, could
                          may, might           must

* There are words that seems to look like an action verb but used in a sentence as linking verb.
               appear       get        remain     sound
               become     grow     seem        stay
               feel            look      smell       taste

How to distinguish action word used as linking verb?
>> Try to replace the word with the actual linking verb, if the thought of the sentence does not lose its sense, it means it is a linking verb,

Examples:  The baby feels agitated when he arrived.
          *The baby is agitated when he arrived.
                 (the word 'feels' is a linking verb)

                   The baby feels the drop of water on his face that made him laugh.
           *The baby is the drop of water on his face that made him laugh.
                      (the word 'feels' is an action verb here since when we replace the actual linking verb, it does lose its sense)

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