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Thursday, June 2, 2011

List of Taiwan Food Products Contaminated with DEHP

     The Philippine Food and Drug administration already posted on their website the list of food products contaminated with DEHP. However, the agency fears that many of these food products has possibly entered the country illegally. Click here for  List of Taiwan & other countries' food products contaminated with DEHP
     According to Dr. Suzette Lazo of FDA, DEHP (Di-2 ethylhexyl phthalates), can possibly affect a person's kidney and reproductive system, however, she reiterates that an adult with lower dose and  smaller amount of intake of these food products does no harm for it would be only excreted. Dr. Lazo emphasizes that extra caution should be given to children and fetus inside a mother's womb because of the effect on their development. Click here to know more what is DEHP, what happens when it enters our environment, how one might be exposed to DEHP, and how it affects us and the children..

* Updates: DEHP can also affect the sexual  preferences of men according to FDA.

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  1. related ba ito sa mga namamatay na isda?

  2. Thanks for asking. No's a separate news and incident. It's about food products coming from Taiwan. Kindly click the link on info about DEHP..(",)


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