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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pleasure or Joy

Giving time to God in a solitary place is like having a date with Jesus, talking and being with Him the whole day. The time spent is not in vain. It was confirmed to me today through my daily Bible reading this morning. It is about the joy in our hearts and the passing pleasures in our environment. Despite the storm and the loneliness, I have many reasons to be joyful. Talking to God, asking for His guidance, the faith in Him and His assurance. I've got joy in my heart. A real joy..complete.

To share with you In the Our Daily Bread article, joy was differentiated against pleasures.

    PLEASURES                 vs.                  JOY                                                                                              
> passing pleasures are         > full and lasting joy
       offered by the world                   is offered by
                                                        Lord Jesus

> superficial & dependent    > inward and is not 
       on circumstances                      disturbed by one's

> always changing               > is constant

> worldly delights often       > grounded in Jesus  
   followed by depression            Christ, who is  the 
                                                      same, yesterday,
                                                      today & forever

> to keep experiencing it,     > to experience it, we
       we must run from one               don't have to run
       stimulus to another, for it           from one stimulus to
       refuses to be permanently         another, for  it is a gift
       grasped                                   we receive from God

> built on self-seeking, the    > based on self-sacrifice,
       more we pursue self-               on the sacrificial giving 
      gratification, the more               of ourselves
      empty we feel                                               

> a pint of it gives               > we find greater fulfillment in
momentary happiness today,       God Himself,who meets our
a gallon of excitement &       every needs as we learn to 
thrill is necessary for the same      focus on the needs of
effect tomorrow                            others                                            

* For a joy that will last, always put Christ first!

*Acknowledgement to Henry Bosch of Our Daily Bread

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