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Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Thinning Diet Regimen

     Summer season is the best time of the year for me to lose weight. During this time, metabolic change occurs or rather my appetite changes because of the summer heat. Breakfast is a heavy meal for me all through out, it lessens as the day goes by...with some exception of course if dinner menu is really superb. Summer's heat lessens my consumption of rice and meat but not pasta ('',). Though I am really a vegetarian, I do love beef. Summer is also that time of the year wherein you can see different types of fruit and the mango season which I really love!

       So, how I do my thinning diet regimen? 

     During ordinary days, I follow the after 6:00PM diet. Why after 6?  During this time less energy is expended when relaxing at night and for bodily functions while sleeping, so any calories you consume at night go straight into fat storage according to James Hill, director of the Center for Human Nutrition at the University of Colorado. The 6:00 diet theorizes that calories from food consumed during the day are burned off, leading to weight loss. This kind of diet follows the age-old advice to eat more on breakfast since it is the most important meal of the day. As I have said breakfast is a heavy meal for me, I can skip lunch or dinner but not my breakfast. There goes the saying, during breakfast eat like a king, at lunch eat like a  prince, and at dinner eat like a pauper. Following that principle will lessen your weight problem as well. If it works for me, it will work on you but it requires discipline and self-control. 
     During summer days, less work for a teacher like me so I eat less and it's my time clock to eat more of the fruits more than anything. My breakfast during this season depends on the time I wake up. If it's too early like 6 or 7 AM, I would stick to my old habit of heavy breakfast meaning more rice, bread, coffee, fried dishes. If it's rather late I would eat sliced or diced fruits (papaya or mango or avocado or banana-lakatan, ) blended in a cold glass of milk (3-4 tbsp. of powdered milk w/out sugar), but fresh milk is much better. To avoid lactose intolerance, I've tried different fruit settings. So it goes the same for me the whole day with some bread though not regularly because I do indulge in some luscious meal of having veggies sauteed with ground beef.   
     Eating fruits have lots of benefit too, less fat and more of anti-oxidant which is good for our skin, and I thank myself for that, I still have that supple skin at my age. By the way, I rarely drink softdrinks, just for emergency if nothing I like is available or if there's no water. I always go for an iced tea or natural fruit juices.

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