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Friday, May 11, 2012

Think Aloud

Speak out, blurt it, scream, cry...moving thoughts wanting to get out. Bursting with feeling, unknown be known. There are thoughts running on my mind..things I should have said the first time..shout out loud those anger and hatred and betrayal, painful tears weeping I have kept for a long time..decisions I should have done before..but is it the right thing to do?? I can't move on, my heart cries out for mind screams for the unfairness. Too many questions left unanswered..too many shortcomings remained unfilled..too many dreams unfulfilled that I have to do on my own. Those days are gone, nobody knows what happened, no one bothered to ask how I was ..Added to the pain and the insult to injury, "people" around never understand, judging me and not the culprit. How I wanted to say I was a victim once and a victim again ..they are close and yet they are not, allowing them no more the next time. Thinking...loud I will, loud I must...

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  1. Hi Em,
    Hope you are okay. Hang in there. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I have planted sunflower this summer again:-) God's blessings to you.

  2. Dear Ems Zee, I read this post and thought it was filled with the feeling and emotion. It was very good. It is something that many are thinking.
    Thank you for visiting. Take care my friend and blessings, Catherine xo


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