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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Three Great Men of Israel: What We Could Learn From Them

     During my attendance to a post-encounter study of the Bible, we had a short discussion about temptations. It came to my mind the irony how these three of the many great people of God faced decisions or choices they had made. What they did and how they had managed with their trials.   Joseph, the so-called the dreamer for he had dreamt of his future and interpreted the dreams of other people including that of a Pharaoh. Samson, the man of strength that had killed a lion and three thousand men. King David, who was at a young age killed a giant with his sling and through faith in God. All these men have shown great faith in God and undergone trials that could teach each one of us a lesson.
     Joseph, son of Jacob by Rachel, his favorite among his 12 children, sold as a slave by his own brothers. He was brought to Egypt and became a trusted servant of the Minister of defense. The wife of the minister seduced him but he knew that it was wrong in the eyes of the  Lord and he ran away from her. But then he was still instigated for the crime he did not commit. He was imprisoned, interpreted dreams and became one of the minister of Pharaoh. When the time came for Joseph to meet his  brothers again who had sold him, he forgave them and realized that it should happen so as to save the people of Israel from a great famine.
     Samson, a Nazirite set apart to God since birth, was put under a special consecration governed by the Nazirite (meaning separated or dedicated) vow. No razor would ever be used in his head and a great strength was upon him. God had apparently planned to provide Samson with unbelievable superhuman strength to be used against the Philistines. As Samson had grown, he seemed to lack the concern about Philistines' oppressive domination of Israel. Samson even tried to blend into their lustful and perverted society and married a Philistine much to the dismay of his disapproving parents. Sex is the bane of many a man and Samson didn’t resist its pull. He frequented harlots and seemed bent on following the destructive pulls of his flesh. One mistake after another-one loose woman to the next-that was the path Samson took during his twenty year judgeship in Israel. He had been largely faithful to his Nazirite vow and at times made an effort to serve God, but his desire for Philistine women was his undoing. Unlike Joseph, he dabbles in the things around him, that later slipped him away from God's favor. He had revealed the secret of his strength to a woman he loved due to her frequent prodding. It was too late for Samson to realize his mistakes. The Philistines had gouged out his eyes, bind him in chains, fastened him to a grinding wheel in a dark prison and made him rind grain like an ox, stepping in his own manure and continous abuse from his captors.
      King David, had a great faith in God. Fighting the giant of Philistine with a mere slingshot he killed it. He knew that God would help him to fight. David's faith in God caused him to look at the giant from a different perspective. Goliath was merely a mortal man defying an all-powerful God. David looked at the battle from God's point of view. But what made him fall?..he coveted the wife of one of his army. He had caused the death of this man, Urriah the Hittite by putting him on the frontline to be killed. At his death, King David had his wife brought  to his house and became his wife. The Lord was displeased for what he had done, so God sent Nathan to tell King David that he dishonored God in what he had done and that God would bring trouble into his household as a consequence for what he did. King David later had asked forgiveness for the things he did. Realizing what he had done David repented of his sin and asked God to restore him.
     What we could learn from these three great men?..Run away from temptation, make a stand against doing it as Joseph did. His life became a blessing for following God. The Egyptian Pharaoh had him as the second-in-command. He was able to save Israel and Egypt from the great famine of seven years. And one more thing, he forgave his brothers for what they had done. Joseph had thought that his brothers who sold him as slaves to Egypt was a purpose of God for a great job he would partake in saving His people.
     What we could learn from these three great men?..Do not conform to the ways of the world. Seek the Lord's will, do the purpose you have been created for as Samson had not done. Always remember that sex or lust of the flesh as one of the primary sin could take us down. Giving in to the desire of our flesh more than the desire to do the right thing might bring us to our own destruction, our miserable life, or a sad end.
      What we could learn from these three great men?..Realize your mistakes as early as possible. It is better to be convicted by our own conscience rather than be convicted by other people. Heed what your brothers in Christ or elders  are saying. To realize is not well enough if you haven't confessed and asked for God's grace and mercy to forgive you. As what King David had done, he realized his mistakes right away as God sent a prophet to rebuke him, he asked for God's forgiveness, he restored his faith and joy of his salvation unto God. Though David's wrongdoing as a consequence led to the chaos of his own household, God's grace and mercy was upon him. He was faithful to God, nonetheless, God had chosen David's line from whom HIS only Son would be born.
     In all of our trials/temptations, we could as Joseph did literally run away and do what was right. Though Samson was able to realize his mistakes and have his thoughts toward God before he died, he had lived a miserable life under his enemies. I am sure no one wanted to have a fall. There are consequences for everything that we do. For every temptations that we encounter, the decision is ours to make and it's better to say no. In all stances that we fall, God is there to forgive us, His grace and mercy can be counted on. King David, when rebuked by the prophet Nathan of the sin he had committed and as commanded by God, asked numerous forgiveness in the Scripture. Through it all, God had restored him but still the consequences of what he did might be unbearable for  a man without faith in God and King David was a man of faith. So, it's better to run away and keep our focus to the truth and the loving arms of God...

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