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Monday, July 2, 2012


     YOU have been my companion since I was a child in a noisy and darker place..YOU're the ONE I've been calling to save me from the wrath of airaM..they never knew..I thought I had forgotten, but it's all coming back..maybe because of the same situation that I am going through. I was surprised to find out the reason why I had those nightmares, woke up crying calling for my father..the same nightmare haunting when I was a's all coming back...they never knew...only YOU. I don't understand what is beneath. 
     Until one day, wasn't able to contain what is within..unleashing it because of anger..rage. It's a mistake, it's painful. I know I've hurt YOU, I have caused YOU pain. I left. I knew YOU never wanted me to do those things. And yet YOU never left me. YOU stay with me and I give's YOUR turn now..laying all the things on what I had done, I almost lost it..the one important thing YOU have given me. 
     Now it's between YOU and me again..YOU're the only One who understand..the only One who can control me. The pain of past mistake. The pain of losing in YOUR sight. The pain of not looking back to where I was and the memories of what YOU had done for me since I was a child. Now the nightmare is coming back..I wouldn't risk losing from YOUR sight. I am still the child YOU have known, a bit older, bit change for YOU. It's in YOU whom I could cry all out, I could be me. YOU know me. YOU understand. YOU love me.

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