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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Entrepreneurship: Different Types of Individual

Entrepreneurship comes from the French word "entreprende", which means "to undertake". It simply means starting a business that place an emphasis on innovation of new products, markets, production/operation method, and forms of organization. Entrepreneurship is the capacity and willingness of a person to develop, organize, and manage a business venture along with any of its risks in order to make a profit. It is characterized by innovation and risk-taking. Most of the times, it is scary since people who will venture into a business has no certainty on the success of the business. It is in this uncertainty that people tend to shy away or afraid to go into business. But sometimes, the question lies on the attitude of a person towards the opportunity at hand.
According to Joey Concepcion of GoNegosyo there are three different types of individuals: the HARD PRESSED, the ORDINARY, and the SUCCESSFUL. Though they were all created with unique talents and abilities, there is still a big disparity among them. So let us describe these disparities as mentioned.

1) THE HARD PRESSED ATTITUDE : "I was born poor, I will die poor as a rat"

                                         His Action : "I cannot do something about it, it was the government's fault."
                                         Think on these things:  Why is it most of the people who complains abut unemployment are busy drinking or chatting around sari-sari stores day-in and day-out?

2) THE ORDINARY ATTITUDE : "I am what I am today, it's alright for me until tomorrow, my luck will eventually come."

                                 His Action :  "Let the day unfolds on me, I will try my luck betting in a lotto, I might win the jackpot prize."

                                 Think on these things: Why is it that people line up very early in the morning outside the betting stations to take their chances at games instead of enrolling on free vocational courses from TESDA or some private institutions? 

3) THE SUCCESSFUL ATTITUDE : "Life is getting difficult each day. I need to find ways so we can be promoted from this difficulties."
                               His Action : " I am going to talk to my contacts in the office, I will serve packed lunch. Anyway, my Mom's recipe is  superb."

                               Think on these things : Notice the so many "manangs and ates" delivering corporate lunches to buildings or offices that do not have canteens or inexpensive lunches. And take notice of those housewives selling commodity goods online, even some organization who prepares food for people on dietary programs.

The Successful attitude is a Dreamer, dreaming to get out from their present situation of difficulties. He is a Believer, knowing that by taking action about their present situation will lead them to something better. He is an Achiever, for a person with a right attitude, open-mindedness, positivity, a doer of what he dreams of will surely achieves what he aims for.

There are opportunities everywhere, some people even took the disaster or uneventful happenings into opportunities. Remember some people who took the initiative to do business out of lahar in Pampanga and Zambales. Creating something beautiful from nothing is also one trademark of an entrepreneur. Entrepeneur creates and innovates. To start a business means you have to start within your level of skill and interest, then finding out the best skills and interests there are. It takes time and effort to really find the best and bigger ideas to match what is not yet being offered in the market.

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