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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

My BLogSiTes & LinKs


    I got two blogsite, this one is created 7 years ago with a blog title Sunflower for Emily, which contains random thoughts, poems, letters, blog ads, etc., the other blog created 2 years ago is Eilime Charms which contains selected photos and poems I personally composed and some from friends or have stumbled upon with permission. Since I am a heavy user of social media like Facebook and Twitter, they are even linked to my Pinterest and Google plus, This Blogger is also link in Networked Blog
     I have seen that you can really do business or make money through them. SEO or Search Engine Optimization, Hashtags, analytics, web content, newsfeeds, apps are by-words we constantly read or heard. These are the keys for more views and followers especially if you are doing business through these social media. These are the reasons why I initiated a new look and name for my two blog sites. I have signed up in Instagram recently, my Twitter is getting more followers, I have affiliated myself to some twitter groups, persons and blog ads company. I was contemplating then what to do with my two blog sites along with its link to other social media. My Pinterest has a username of April Brews created only early this year because I was thinking then of a name that symbolizes of what I love to do..I thought of a coffee, since I am  a coffee drinker and I drink while blogging or thinking. 
     With all these social media hype and the recent ALDUB phenomena that make waves through Twitter, it comes to me how powerful the social media in popularizing even ordinary but talented people especially in YouTube. Then, I have decided to really separate and categorize the two blog sites, change also my Twitter from Sunflower4emily to April_ Brews. April Brews is more apt when it comes to random thoughts, events, and experiences I wanted to share, whereas, Sunflower for Emily is more like what I wanted to see and express within So the Sunflower for Emily I changed to April Brews, Eilime Charms changed to Sunflower for Emily. Both of them are linked to my Networked Blog, Google plus, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, though only Sunflower for Emily is linked to Instagram
     I am still looking and checking on some apps to link my blogs. With its new look and name, expect more fresh new blogs this coming days and so on. Please check the links and if you are interested to advertise your business or brands through blogs or space, feel free to leave comments here.

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