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Saturday, January 14, 2012

When You Are Hopeless..

I've chance upon to watch this video..what I could say is.."Oh my God!"..these are people who seem hopeless but managed to survive despite their disabilities. I thought of my 5 year old daughter who wouldn't be able to walk, because of a congenital defect. I am hoping for her..Hoping to see the day she could walk or excel in everything she does despite her disabilities, despite of what she went through and what she will encounter as she grows up..and for all the people out there, watch this video, with courage and determination and God's help, nothing is impossible..

Hoping is believing..Believe even when others don't. Believe even against the darkness all around. Believe even when it is impossible. Believing is having faith..And we have a BIG GOD to have a BIG FAITH..(",)

#faith #hope #hopeless #believe #nothingisimpossible

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