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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mercy...Not Sacrifice

     Reading the book of Matthews, I have come across one Jesus' statement that does have an impact to me as a Christian, "I desire mercy not sacrifice" (Matthews 9:13&12:7). Jesus said these words when He heard what the Pharisees had asked to His disciples on why He was eating with the tax collectors and sinners. On another occasion, the Pharisees condemn Jesus for allowing His disciples picked some grains on the field and eat them during the Sabbath. At first I thought, Jesus was talking about for people to show or feel the mercy on Him than giving their sacrifices. Upon researching, I thought I was wrong and also found out that somehow I maybe correct.
      In the context of what Jesus has stated, he said those words when the Pharisees had asked questions that might caught Him unaware (as for the Pharisees had thought). For that matter, Jesus answered that it is not the healthy who needs a doctor, it is the sick. Jesus told His people to go and find out what does it mean that He desires mercy and not sacrifice. Jesus also cited what David did when they were hungry, eating the consecrated bread which is unlawful for them to do and yet they are innocent. In a simple explanation, what I understood from the searches I have found, Jesus doesn't need our sacrifices if it isn't done in true devotion and faith and in  love. Our sacrifices meant nothing if we don't have love. It was like, we are working all day making sacrifices for our parents, or kids or siblings and yet we are just doing it because it is our responsibility and obligation to do so but we don't have love, all our sacrifices would be in vain. We will not be happy and contented doing all these things.
    Jesus said "I desire mercy not sacrifice" because he wanted His people to do what He has done, showing mercy for the sinners, for the lost soul, for the broken spirit. Forgiveness for those who offended us, not being judgmental to other people, being considerate, and being sensitive to the needs of our fellows are what Jesus desire for us to do. Jesus had offered His life so He could save the sinners, find the lost soul, heal the broken spirit. All these things Jesus had done because He loves us.  Following His example, Jesus desires for us to do His work, to make sacrifices out of love. I maybe true on what I had thought first, that Jesus needs to feel that we love Him than giving our sacrifices for Him. For if we do love Him, what we have done to other people, we have done it unto Him. Follow His example and our sacrifices will not be in vain.
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