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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tears of Weeping

There are tears that tells the unexpected has happened, the things you have prayed for has been answered. Tears that says it's finally over and you're done with it. Tears that shows deep and seething pain, pain that cuts like a knife. Wounded soul, hovers throughout the day. The gloomy sky seems to understand its loneliness, an advent rain to come. No one could understand how painful it is. Weeping all through out the night, silent weep but turbulent cry. Tears of weeping no one could discern. Cry, cry, cry, weep and weep. In between sobs, it was about to ask why .. cry it all out .. weep as much .. the black clouds of the night has began to scatter as the rain falls wanting to let go all through the day.  In the dark corner, tears of weeping is heard .. it seems a bottomless pit .. does not end ..only calms like a turbulent sea that only Him can stop .. just like the tears of weeping only His arms can comfort...

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