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Thursday, December 11, 2014

GreenPeace Green Tips on Recycling Bottles

     I have received a Christmas card from GreenPeace as a token for the great year of action and change. Since I have a passion for landscape photography, I join an organization that would protect something we enjoy and has been entrusted to us. I think the nature's wonder should stay for us to enjoy it more. It has been four years since I signed up to be a volunteer of this environmental organization. And being a volunteer is not only limited to donations but of sharing/disseminating the information through social media and joining the fight for a greener and safer environment. Along with the card that they sent me, they are issuing regular newsletter for their supporters. So there goes my blog about what GreenPeace have just recently sent us on recycling plastic bottles.
     According to GreenPeace, plastic bottles take at least 1000 years to break down. Wow.. it would take Iphone to innovate as many versions as  they could have until none. So, what can we do to these bottles? Here are some tips..

Coins/Jewelry /Small trinkets Organizer
1. Cut the bottoms of 2 bottles approximately 5-8 cm but it depends on the type of bottle to be used and what is intended for.
2. Combine the to plastic bottles' bottom by attaching a zipper between the two ends by gluing them on both sides. You can add up some designs into the organizer.

Candle Holder
1. Cut off the tops of two bottles.Make the one shorter than the other.
2. Glue the two mouth ends of the bottles together, with the bigger one at the bottom.
3. Design with a ribbon or shoelace the glued portion.

 Follow these tips, take pictures
 and send them to us to be featured here.

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For any recycling ideas, click  here and send them in, you may receive a gift for best ideas

 Join us and help protect our environment

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