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Sunday, September 28, 2014

One Hug: Ease Out Pain

     A hug, a pat in the back, the touch..somehow..eases the pain, the fatigue, the stress.
    I have two daughters, I don't know if it is because they are of the same gender as I am that they could feel if I am not feeling alright. One is 17 and the other is 8, yet they would always asked me if I am okay or not which sometimes I wanna hide what I really felt inside, My older daughter when she was just 8 years old then until she went to college was more sensitive with all the things that a female really feels. Now that she's too busy with her studies, my younger daughter is more than what I can or rather we can think of, she always amazes us with all her trinkets and a-dos, smart girl yet sensitive and sweet enough to observe and absorb what is happening around her. When ever I am in a physical pain, even a throbbing pain, somehow it eases out and comforts me. A hug as we all know is something that can be given and yet can also be given back. I do the same with my daughter whenever she is sick, in pain or in distress. 
     Truly, one hug from  someone we know who really love us turns our fear, our pain into something positive. Letting us know that someone is there for us. A hug can say what words cannot. A hug gives us emotional lift from whatever pains we have. And maybe we can stop and look around us, let's give our best hug to the one we care for.. and to someone who needs it.

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