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Wednesday, December 23, 2015


     Easier said than done. Forgiveness is not an easy task. They say time heals all wounds, but it takes more time for a deeper wound to heal, and the wound left a scar. Sometimes that scar is another pain if not properly healed. It remains a mark for all to see and remember. For what I know forgiveness is not only given for those who asked for it. Does forgiveness necessarily mean we have to forget the misdeeds done to us? Maybe yes, maybe not. Maybe yes, if the one who wanted forgiveness make amends for what he/she did, if that person corrected what has been done. Maybe no, for the person concerned be aware and learned his lessons regarding interactions with that person, especially if that person keeps on doing or repeating the same offense to that particular person or another person. Actually, I really don't know the answer. 
     When someone wronged another person, that person may forgive once, twice, thrice,.. ten times, or maybe until the patience has reached its limit. Some people may forgive again and again, while some cannot even forgive the slightest offense done to them. Forgiveness is given freely. Forgiveness, they say is for the person who had been wronged and not the other way around while unforgiving is a bondage that consumes mind, distorts heart with revenge. Unforgiving is I, taking a poison yet expecting the offender to die from it. Unforgiving is I, wanting to break free from the chain of bitterness, to be free from prison of serving the time for someone else's crime.

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