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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Celebrate Life !

    Did you ever see how important.. that.. every.. single.. moment..  when you see a person alive or not in pain?.. Did you ever feel how life can be happier if you see someone sick in bed but was able to stand and go on with his life?.. Did you ever think that lying on bed because it is night and taking a rest for tomorrow's task are such a bliss, instead of being in bed with sickness? The moment  I open my eyes without the pain, I am glad I can eat my favorite dish I have cooked yesterday, I can hear the crunch of my favorite mixed nuts "Ding-dong", I can savor the sweetness of my favorite chocnut "Hany".
     Succumb to an unknown chronic pain that could stop my world for a time, I cherish every moment that I can touch and hold hands with my kids, especially my youngest..Faith, stand and go out looking at the greens, smelling the breeze at the beach, eating my favorite foods, working on my laptop to write what I was thinking. Pain can make one surrender life itself. So much throbbing pain every minute wet my eyes to tears. Pain that lasts, it seems no end. Every pain I dreaded to feel. Worries came in, when I feel its onset. 
     Life is wonderful..why end it?..Everything on earth is amazing.. why destroyed it?..Some people fighting for its life to stand, to walk, to run, to speak, to eat normally, to see things the way it were. God is wonderful to make me see things as it were and were it not, to think deeply of all things He has created for what it is. I'm thanking Him for every time that I can open my eyes and see the light of the day, hence, hoping what the day would bring. Oh, yes, God.. thank you I'm still alive! I'm celebrating my life!

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