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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Do You Believe in Doppelganger?

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     Maybe one of us have seen one or many times a person close to us or have some connection with us in two different places at the same time. You might be thinking you are being fooled by that people or our own eyes. But how could be that possible? I have come to know some bizarre things about doppelganger from a Philippine movie, The Healing. Bizarre as it was, the movie depicted the doppelganger as a sign that someone with that image is nearing death and that the real person and his doppelganger should not meet face to face or else that person will die. But where does the word doppelganger came from? It was a coined word by the German writer Johann Paul Richter, doppel meaning double, and ganger meaning goer, which refers to specters or ghosts. Doppelganger is then a double of a living person which brings bad luck, or some call it, the apparition of a living person.
     But what made me write this topic at once? I don't really know if I have to believe on this. I have researched and read stories about doppelganger encounters. The reason? Some people close to me have seen maybe my doppelganger, and my daughter have seen her brother. My first instance, when I was asked by an ex if I had been to a mall, he followed it but seems lost in the elevator. That time the mall is too far from where I am staying and never went out that time because of chronic migraine. Second instance, I have called the school I'm teaching that I cannot report for work, even crying due to severe headache. Then, the next day one of my co-teacher swear she saw me and met me near the school's gate but our guidance counselor refutes that I was really absent that day. Third instance, when my daughter saw her brother, (my eldest) standing near the kitchen. But at that time, my son was in Bulacan for a swimming getaway. Then later that afternoon, he texted me and told me he was nearly drown and someone had just got his hand to help him.
     We have passed on it as a mere doppelganger jokes, relating it to what we have watched in a movie but then found myself reading stories about it. I found out that most people who have someone's doppelganger means that the real one is undergoing sickness or depression or extreme sadness, But I also found out that it's a myth as depicted in Ancient Egypt, Norse, and Breton mythology.
        So believing on it or not is up to you, on how you perceive things, how you understand what's beneath, and how your faith can take you into its realm.

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