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Monday, March 7, 2011

Mesmerized by Baguio..

City of flowers, summer capital of the Philippines, whatever you may call's the place I've always wanted to come back..the mountains, its landscape, her flowers, the wind, its people. It's been a long time since my last visit to Baguio, 12 years ago..but still the memories, all that is in Baguio lingers. A happy family back then, it seems. I have 2 kids then and we went boating in the man-made lagoon in Burnham Park, took our walk up the 100 stairs, took picture with the Mines View Park behind us and The Mansion. Sweet memories..we even experienced a tremor at 2am. An earthquake! which I thought a monster was opening the door since it's moving from the other side of the room we were occupying.
Travelling 6 hours from Manila, always excited to get there, remembering my first visit when I was in college for a leadership seminar sponsored by one of our student society I was a member of I recall it was 6 months after the July 16, 1990 earthquake when Baguio, one that was badly hit at that time..I could still see the ruins but you would still see it's natural beauty despite of the tragedy. The warmth of the native people living there..the rich culture, would also make you come back.
My eyes longs for Baguio maybe that's the reason why I always wanted to go back and even wanted to live there. I think this is the place where I can really be one with nature, be what I am, be with other God's creation, It's beautiful place..being tired of the suburbs' polluted air, the noise.. it's a one place that will bring you to your senses. Though I know there are far better place than Baguio, but still, her flowers leave its color into my eyes.
One day, two days or even three days are not enough to see the splendor of Baguio..and maybe after all these tedious days, I would go back and experience once again the different colors and blooms of Baguio.

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