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Monday, February 21, 2011


      Being a teacher is indeed a noble profession especially in a public school settings. It's not the compensation nor the position that is important, it's the heart, the vision, the burden and the fulfillment of teaching and guiding the students how to learn, how to reach for their goal, how to face and win the battle. We should help them to be the best person that they can be and be a great motivator to make them go on with life, life that is worth living. Sad to's not what I have been seeing with some of my colleagues. 
     Everyday, my heart aches for these kids. They are not the typical students going to school with enough money on their pockets to spend during break time. They do not come from families who have much to spend on, parents who are good providers, a home with a father and a mother sharing responsibilities in taking care of them, a day without people barking and lashing out profane words, a table with a food so it can sustain them through out their class period. I have seen students running after some trucks or vans to hang out and make their back ride so they can go home, which is  too dangerous for them. Some students even go to school without any food on their stomach. What does a government can do about it? and how about their parents not minding them off? And what about the teachers? These kids are looking for someone who can give them strength to carry on, many of them stop dreaming, never wanting to go into college but to get a job to sustain them. I should say, teachers could be their turning point. If nobody believes in them, teachers could be there to inspire and maybe extend some help for these kids that dreams are not impossible if they just focus and think that their dreams are just out there waiting to happen.
     I kept saying to my advisory class, never stop dreaming, dream dreams, go for it, never say I cannot; if they wanted it and if there's a will there is always a way,  there is always a reason for them to say they cannot. I have heard a colleague saying that we should promote the kids to graduate since they would never get into college anyway, and as if their life would stop from there. Teachers should inspire, motivate them to go on, never be the one who will make them stick with what they have. Teachers should never put an end to what these kids can do more. Sorry to say that some teachers took advantage of some students wanting to pass their subjects or to graduate. Teachers asking for some "special projects" not even related to the subjects they are teaching. Whoa!,,I even heard one of my students that she was asked to buy something. Sad, but what should we do? Is it the system? Is it the people within the system? or is it the government? 

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