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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The RH Bill and the President

     What is in the RH Bill that many people and organizations are so preoccupied whether they are for
it or against it? ..and what is RH Bill? RH Bill is an act providing for a national policy on reproductive health, responsible parenthood and population development, and other purposes. 
     According to the bill, Reproductive Health, refers to the state of physical, mental and social well-being of a person and not merely the absence of a disease or infirmity, in all matters relating to the reproductive system and to its functions and processes. Responsible Parenthood, refers to the will, ability and commitment of parents to respond to the needs and aspirations of the family and children more particularly through family planning. Population Development, refers to a program that aims to: (1) help couples and parents achieve their desired family size; (2) improve reproductive health of individuals by addressing reproductive health problems; (3) contribute to decreased maternal and infant mortality rates and early child mortality; (4) reduce incidence of teenage pregnancy; and (5) enable government to achieve a balanced population distribution.
     The debate maybe lies on the definition of the population development that  aims to help couples and parents achieve their desired family size, the aim to improve individuals' reproductive health by addressing reproductive health problems  and the aim to reduce teenage pregnancy. In order for these three aims to achieve, the bill stated in Section 9 and 10, the availability of family planning methods and services and the use of contraceptives as essential medicines. The bill, however is against abortion as stated in Sec 3m. Sec 12 and 19, stated the mandatory health education to be implemented from grade 5 up to 4th year high school, and the intensified campaign of public awareness on the need to protect and promote reproductive health.
     Here lies the disagreement of the Catholic Church and the government. The use of these contraceptives somehow according to the Church promotes abortion for the married couple since life begins at conception. However, the use of these contraceptives prevent these life to form. The use of these contraceptives insinuates that premarital and extra marital sex is being promoted. Protagonist of RH Bill insist on the right to be informed and the right to choose.
     I am not good in debate but I think we have to examine every detail of this bill. I am not pro-abortion nor pre-/extra-marital sex but I am for responsible parenthood. The Church plays an important role in teaching us the`values of life, checking and reminding us of the values instilled in us. The leaders of this country is responsible for every decision that he should take and that he goes for what is right and necessary for his people. Everyone has its own reasons and convictions. When the President, the leader of our country made his statement that he is for RH Bill, it is his prerogative as a leader and I think the Church should refrain (or is it from the church?) from throwing malicious statements on him. I was not pro-Noynoy Aquino, I did not vote for him. But I have just exercise my right to vote and elect whom I think would be the best for our country. As a citizen of this country under his governance, is it not right to follow the leader?  All along, standing out for what he think is right and good for his people, I support him in his stand for RH Bill.
     I just hope I wouldn't attract debaters of anti-RH bill here. It's my blog and I'm just having some thoughts, but I will respect your opinions and hope that you'll respect mine too..

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