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Sunday, April 3, 2011

My Advisory Class on their Recollection

     Kinda late to write this on my blog, since it happened last January 17. The place were Alagad ni Maria (Disciples of Mary) Formation House in Tahanang Nasaret (Nazareth Home) Retreat Center. This is actually a seminary for aspiring priest but as part of reaching out to the youth they offer recollection program for the graduating students of some high schools in and out of Antipolo vicinity. I'm actually handling 4th year students and they have joined this program initiated by our school.
     I was not in the room where the session is being held but I know what is happening inside since I had been into this kind of recollection program when I was in high school. Some of my students were sharing what happened during the session, what they have heard, and what they did. Well, there are some things that some students never shared to anyone but the session made them open it up. I wouldn't share what some of my students found out from their classmates, and it's a realization for them to understand each other and of course to understand these kids..what they have been undergoing in such a young age. But thinking of it, what's the recollection is all about..
     Every Retreat and Recollection is a SPIRITUAL ENCOUNTER with GOD, meant to be a venue for silence, prayer, reflection and renewal. This Recollection is a special moment, each year, which would hopefully facilitate this meeting with God, so as to bring about transformation. A true spiritual experience brings about change in values, attitudes and convictions, rendering persons more “Christ-like” - this is the heart of all the goals and objectives of the Retreat and Recollection Program. As every students who had undergone a recollection program, each had their own story to tell, experiences to share and a reflection to think about. It is knowing who they are, what they have, what they will be if without God on their side or if with Him all through out their endeavors. Recollection is the time for them to bringing again their past experiences, recalling how it was, but not to mingle with these past but makes it a learned lesson on how they will face the present challenges in their lives and how they would walk on to their future.
     These students if properly guided and motivated can be push on to set and work out their goals. Though they are not the best of the best nor the cream of the crop, each has its own unique  personality, special gift and talents that they can use. Each passing day, I am discovering new things from them and the time is getting nearer for them to say goodbye to their alma mater. On Tuesday, they will receive their diploma and say, "I did not drop the class! I have graduated!"..

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