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Friday, April 29, 2011

When Angels Came from Norway...

     It was one of the typical Sunday when Emily Faith's father told me that he had been told by Tita Divine if I could bring Emily Faith and talk to some Norweigian missionaries about Emily Faith's condition. So, the time came for us to talk and they had asked me what could be the perfect time for Emily Faith to undergo her therapy and that they are administering it free. The said Norweigian missonaries are  actually students of PhysioTherapy and that they are into helping special kids who are in need of therapy as well as for their case studies. 
     Sarah and Emmeli (whom I thought we have the same spelling) had been administering therapy for Emily Faith 3 times a week every morning that lasted 5 weeks. On their last day with Emily Faith, they had invited me to their mission house. This was actually my second meeting with the two of them, the first one was an interview regarding Emily Faith's mobility, capability, etc., a bit of talk about our personal lives, a lunch with them, a mall tour around Monumento, Caloocan area. 
     They had first thought that the nearest mall where they are staying is one standing in North Edsa, Quezon City until I brought them to some malls here in our area because they wanted to taste some Filipino dishes. I brought them in a cake store known for its cheaper and delectable Filipino dishes. We ordered relyenong bangus (stuffed milkfish), lumpiang sariwa (fresh lumpia), lumpiang shanghai (they call it spring rolls), and sinangag (garlic fried rice with some eggs and mixed vegetables). For the dessert we had ordered one slice of black forest cake, leche flan (a gelatine like made from milk and eggs with caramel toppings), and ube halaan (sweet purple yam). At first it seems they don't like relyenong bangus but when they had tasted it, their eyes open wide and made a nod and said "not bad, it's delicious". They said they can eat anything except the egg with a chicken on it..I told them it's "balut"..and Sarah said it was what she's hearing shouting during the night.
     Now for the second visit to their mission house..they had again asked me about Faith's mobility, capability, etc., if there has been some improvements. And some of their questions they themselves have answered as they have an upclose observation on Emily Faith..then we had our lunch and of course, I'm not expecting these pretty gals serving rice as for the Western culture they mostly eat bread which I'm gladly and will always accept as lunch or dinner (my kids and I are a bread cravers).  Before we eat they sing a praise song I've never heard before even in some Christian family I've been with..(have asked Sarah for the lyrics of the song). Emmeli had prepared an omelet mixed with bell pepper and ham and wheat breads. Hmmm..really like it..yum yum..can't resist even though I told them I don't wanna eat 'coz I've got my brunch  (breakfast and lunch) and I'm too full! But..the moment I've seen the wheat bread, o-oh, find myself eating with them..(",)..
     Anyway, done with all that..they had given me a copy of the exercises they administered on Emily Faith as well as they let me watch the video of them three doing the exercises., step by step's so kinda funny, especially on the Michael Jackson part (will blog later these exercises). After watching, they had given me a letter in a form of a greeting card but they never let me open and read it for a moment until they gave me the signal. They gave me 2 copies of the exercises on dvd disc, a mini calendar from Norway, some chocolates..Melkesjokolade..pronounced as "melkeshokolad". Then Emmeli and Sarah told me that since Emily Faith can move from one place to another through her monoblock chair, as I have told them, holding it and do some balancing acts which I don't know how she's doing that. Emmeli and Sarah told me that they had asked some of their friends in Norway to give something for Emily Faith and whoa!..from out of the room..they are pushing a wheelchair, a baby wheelchair for Emily Faith!!!!..can't express how much thankful I am for that wonderful gift as tears falling down..Really ..really thankful for that! I told them to extend our thanks to their friends who had heed their call for Emily Faith's wheelchair. The wonderful effort that Sarah and Emmeli had done to Emily Faith!..Really..angels do come..angels came from Norway..would never forget their wonderful words can express how much they have made us happy seeing Emily Faith enjoying their gift!!! God bless them!
Emily Faith on her wheelchair courtesy of 
Sarah and Emmeli and their friends
A letter for Emily Faith by Emmeli and Sarah


Stuffs Emmeli and Sarah had given

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