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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Zenni Optical Launch Buy 2 pairs Get 1 pair Free Deal

     Vision problems affect our daily lives especially in performing our work. Also, during our leisure time like watching our favorite sports game we tend to miss the details of game surprises due to vision problems. We can't help but to wear prescription glasses. Wearing prescription glasses goes with a fashion sense, fitting the frames, checking its quality and  price range..and if you're one of the people who wears it for fashion but checking on getting more than what you pay for..visit Zenni Optical, the #1 online eyeglasses store offering high quality $ 6.95 prescription eyeglasses. Virtually any glasses, even bifocal or progressive eyeglasses, can be ordered on Zenni's website with tint, whether for fashion or sunglasses. Full rim, half rim, even rimless frame eyeglasses can be tinted to suit your style or use, and with tint only $4.95; it’s an option not to be overlooked. And have you figured it out? Fitting the frames even online?.. You can try any frame before you buy with Zenni Frame Fit system. (I was even amazed trying to fit the frames myself!) Check them out! And with the affordable price at Zenni, you can buy multiple pairs and get to switch styles to match the outfit or moods.
     And as some of us know, astigmatism usually runs in the family, as well as nearsightedness and farsightedness. If one or both of the parents have it, there is a tendency for their kids to have it too. And wearing prescription glasses in the family needs an affordable eyeglasses price range and quality. Visit Zenni Optical, they are running a "Buy 2 pairs get the 3rd pair FREE" (equal or less value) promotion on all eyeglasses.
      A perfect match for your family needs on prescription glasses! Plus...all their glasses include free anti scratch coating, free thin and light 1.57 index single vision lens, free full UV protection, free protective case and free microfiber cleaning cloth. Imagine those benefits that you can get with a price of two but three pairs to be delivered at your door. Think on buying more than what you pay for.

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