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Saturday, April 14, 2012


Struggle..proceed with difficulty or great effort? Struggle..make strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition? Struggle..decide which action to take? Struggle..choose between what is convenient and what it needs to be obedient? Struggle..go over the practicality or the hardship? Struggle..feel can sigh or cry. Torn between two principles, it's difficult to proceed. You have to make strenuous effort to face it, to choose and decide. Is it convenience over obedience? Struggle for convenience is choosing the practicality of it all. Letting go, pick up the pieces, have it your way, moving on and tell the world here you are, ready to face another new life without him, his pain, and his demon-like attitude...But, still, .. struggling.. with the thought...struggle for obedience. Choosing obedience, from One Who ruled, from One Who Lord it over, from One Who made it's hardship along the way. Hoping and waiting. Painful and lonely. Sadness and tears. Ridicule and insult. What could have been so beautiful has gone awry...gone were the days of fruitful memories. The path to obedience is hardship, but why is it importance to take heed? What lies ahead the hardship is a morning sun promised by One. Struggle to keep the faith...struggle to hold on to the promises..struggle to proceed .. struggle.. for man is weak but needs to keep his senses for the One ..for man knows at the end of the road is a bright light waiting for him..convenient for a moment?.. or be obedient and walk into the light?...

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  1. Dear Emily, You write with much passion and heart.
    Thank you for your visit to my blog. I hope that you will visit again. Blessings, Catherine

    1. April 18, 2012 at 11:58 PM
      Thank you Catherine..I always do..('_')


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