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Sunday, August 26, 2012


Disregarded, forgotten, unimportant..that is what she thinks of herself. One of obscure and unimportant standing unknown for many years. She was neglected, up in the air. Uncertain of those things around her. Unknowing whether some body is coming or going. Lost dreams..confined to her own self-imprisonment. ..that's what she thinks of herself ..only because some one made her think that way. As the years passed by, that someone is on the same waving toss of neglect, unimportance, forgotten..for he is consuming the time given, wasting the gift and keeping the guilt on himself..she goes out to tell where she came from and that some one had caused her so much pain..still..the pain, it lingers..cannot be forgotten, cannot be disregarded though unimportant to make her going..How is it then to feel that some one whom she shared so many wonderful moments  have forgotten the hardships they went she has suffered for the disrespect. Walking aimlessly, swayed by anger; thinking endlessly, crushed by pain; staring blankly, unable spirit..go out, fly or take a limb..and follow the light passing through to make it out from limbo.

#limbo #pain #unimportant #unforgotten

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