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Monday, October 8, 2012

What's Your Personality Type?

     Each one of us is unique. We were conceived with a combination of chromosomes that made us different from our siblings even if we're twins. We were all born with different temperaments. We have our own set of inborn traits. The way we dress and walk and talk and act are part of our personality. 
     According to Florence Littauer, author of Personality Plus, there are four types of personality. Each has its own uniqueness in every given situation and circumstances. Take the Personality Profile test

The Sanguine Personality 
The popular. The extrovert. The talker. The optimist.

Sanguine's Emotions

Appealing personality, talkative, storyteller, life of the party, good sense of humor, memory for color, physically holds on to listener, emotional and demonstrative, enthusiastic and expressive, cheerful and bubbling over, curious, good on stage, wide-eyed and innocent, lives in the present, changeable disposition, sincere at heart, always a child.

Sanguine at Work

Volunteers for jobs, thinks up new activities, looks great on the surface, creative and colorful, has energy and enthusiasm, starts in a flashy way, inspire others to join, charm others to work.

Sanguine as a Parent

Makes home fun, is liked by children 's friends, turns disaster into humor, is the circus master.

Sanguine as a Friend

Makes friends easily, loves people, thrives on compliments, seems exciting, envied by others, doesn't hold grudges, apologizes quickly, prevents dull moments, likes spontaneous activities.

The Melancholy Personality 
The perfect. The introvert. The thinker. The pessimist.

Melancholy's Emotions

Deep and thoughtful, analytical, serious and purposeful, genius prone, talented and creative, artistic or musical, philosophical and poetic, appreciative of beauty, sensitive to others, self-sacrificing, conscientious, idealistic.

Melancholy at Work 

Schedule oriented, perfectionist, high standards, detail conscious, persistent and thorough, orderly and organized, neat and tidy, economical, sees the problems, finds creative solutions, needs to finish what has been started, like charts, graphs, figures, lists.

Melancholy as a Parent 

Sets high standards, wants everything done right, keeps home in good order, picks up after children, sacrifices own will for others, encourages scholarship and talent.

Melancholy as a Friend  

Makes friends cautiously, content to stay in background, avoids causing attention, faithful and devoted, will listen to complaints, can solve others' problems, deep concern for other people, moved to tears with compassion, seeks ideal mate.

The Choleric Personality  
The powerful. The extrovert. The doer. The optimist.

Choleric's Emotions

Born leader, dynamic and active, compulsive need for change, must correct wrongs, strong willed and decisive, unemotional, not easily discouraged,  independent and self-sufficient, exudes confidence, can run anything.

Choleric at Work  

Goal oriented, sees the whole picture, organizes well, seeks practical solutions, moves quickly to action, delegates work, insists on production, makes the goal, stimulates activity, thrives on opposition.

Choleric as a Parent  

Exerts sound leadership, establishes goals, motivates family to action knows the right answer, oganizes household.

Choleric as a Friend  

Has little need for friends, will work for group activity, will lead and organize, is usually right, excels in emergencies.

The Phlegmatic Personality  
The peaceful. The introvert. The watcher. The pessimist.
Phlegmatic's Emotions  

Low-key personality, easygoing and relaxed, calm, cool, and collected, patient, well balanced, consistent life, quiet but witty, sympathetic and kind, keeps emotions hidden, happily reconciled to life, all-purpose person.

Phlegmatic at Work  

Competent and steady, peaceful and agreeable, has administrative ability, mediates problems, avoids conflicts, good under pressure, finds the easy way.

Phlegmatic as a Parent 

Makes a good parent, takes time for the children, is not in a hurry, can take the good with the bad, doesn't get upset easily.

Phlegmatic as a Friend  

Easy to get along with, pleasant and enjoyable, inoffensive, good listener, dry sense of humor, enjoys watching people, has many friends, has compassion and concern.

     Knowledge of personalities of each person can help us to understand other people and for us to function better in certain situations.  When we begin to understand our differences, we can look at each other in a positive way and not try to make everyone to be like us or vice versa.

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