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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

War Between Two Worlds-The War Within

     For every battle there is a winner but for each War everyone is a loser... for both sides have to suffer the consequence it has brought on. The ever present war within is the most complicated of all wars. The war that could make another war on its own or a war for real.     
     Can you ever stop it? Will you ever stop it? Are you going to stop it? There is a war going on. A battle.. that nobody could interfere to stop it. No negotiations. No peace treaty could restrain what is going on. Only one will be able to rekindle it. The war within, undecisiveness? confusion? is a battle. A battle between two worlds, two ideals, two minds, even two lives. For one typifies what is right, what to wait and what to hope. And the other one, what is to feel, what is waiting, what is hoping, new life, new heart..but not sure of what is to gain for having either side. How to loosen to let it be.. how to let it go. Can't hide, can't run away from it. Let it cross the bridge to wait and see what will happen..but, the time to decide is right now! I, only I would ever put it to a halt. Which is which I will have to be...only I can decide and yet I will be the one to cry for getting in and let it in....

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