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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Meanings Through Affixes

Words that are considered as base words are actually came from other older words, possibly even from another language. These words are called roots. Root words and some affixes can take a newer form and in some cases shift in meaning.
Affixes are of two types, the prefix and suffix. Prefix is added at the beginning of a word while suffix is added at the end of a word. Knowing the meaning of common prefixes and suffixes is a vocabulary strategy that will help us determine the meaning of a certain unfamiliar words. Breaking down a word into its part is called structural analysis. Through this breaking down or structural analysis we can assign meanings to these smaller parts and will be able to analyze the meaning of a particular word. Here are some common list of affixes with their meanings.

PREFIX                MEANING         EXAMPLES
a-, an-                           not, without               amoral, annotate
ab-                               away from                   abnormal
bene-                            good                          beneficiary, benediction
cata-, cat-                      down, against              catastrophe
de-                               down, away                descendant, decrease
dis-                              opposite of, not           disobey
il-, im-, in-                    not                            illegal, impossible, incorrect
mal-, male-                    bad, evil                     malfunction, malevolent
non-, un-                       not                            nonpartisan, unfair
re-                                again                          rewind, refill
syn-, sym-, syl-, sys-       with, together              synonym, symphony, syllable, system
trans-                            across, move               transfer, transport

SUFFIX                     MEANING                EXAMPLES
-cide                             kill                              suicide, homicide
-ful, -ous                       full of, having                careful, spacious
-ic, -tic, -ical, -ac            having to do with           septic. automatic, biblical, cardiac
-ism                             the belief in                    patriotism
-ist                               one who believes in         buddhist
-ite                               one connected with          meteorite
-less                             without                          boneless
-ment                           act or state of                   amendment, achievement
-ness                            state of                           happiness

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