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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Arctic Region's Role in Climate Change

     Arctic region is found in the northernmost part of the earth and is made up of countries like
Greenland, Iceland, Sweden , Finland, Norway, Canada, USA and some parts of Russia. Different type of animals also make their home in the arctic which includes the polar bears, wolverines, squirrels, birds, walrus and sea lions. Despite its cold climate, the Arctic has a number of natural resources, including fish, oil, gas and various minerals.. and this is where the problem goes...

     Major companies capitalizing on Arctic's natural resources threaten its fragile ecosystem due to offshore drilling and destructive industry, thus, climate change is already affecting Southeast Asia.

How does it affect Southeast Asia?
First, Arctic region plays a critical role in regulating the global climate, acting as the "world's refrigerator" and keeping the planet cool. Second, Arctic's ice acts as a "giant mirror", bouncing sunlight and heat back into the atmosphere, so without it, the effects of climate change will become unstoppable.
     As the ice melts, climate changes are on its way, affecting Southeast Asia with higher temperatures, decreasing rainfall, rising sea levels, greater frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. All these changes lead to widespread flooding, landslides and drought. Climate change is putting more energy in the form of heat, into the world's weather systems. And this energy speeds up the whole system, increasing the number and intensity of storms. One example is the typhoon Bopha (typhoon Pablo) which is categorized as Super Typhoon 5, the strongest tropical cyclone ravaged Mindanao in the southern part of the Philippines.
    Unless we protect the Arctic by voicing our opinions and signing up to make an impact, climate change will become even more severe. I care.. so I have added my voice to the millions who already made themselves heard! If you don't care who else will..

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