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Sunday, January 23, 2011


I have asked some of my 4th year high school students to submit a poem about anything in Filipino or English. I am surprised to find out that many of them can really write poems whether in Filipino or English. I have made some editions to share you some of them..


I Love Your Eyes ,Your Nose And Your Lips !
I Love You Like The Heaven Can't Touch .
And Feels Like You Complete Me So Much ...
Even Though You're My InsPiration ...
You're Always In My Heart Sensation ,
All Of These I Want You To know .. !
That's My Way To Say I Love You So .

So , Please Stay !
Coz You Really Hurt Me ,
If You Go Away . :(

I Love you so!..


Starin' At The Moon So Blue ..
Gazing At The Stars , I Feel You !
Just Wondering If there's A Clue ?
When You Smile At Me Like The
Same I Do .

Even If I'm NOt  Perfect !
I'll Try My Best Be Full Of Respect ,
I'll Promise To Share My Life With You ..
Waiting For Long Until You Love Me Too .

Your Face Makes My Mind into Destruction
Your Smile Makes My Life into Perfection .
The Squint Of Your Eyes Saying ,
I'm Your Perfect Combination .

In All My Day And All My Night
I'm Admiring You With All My Heart ,
Hoping You And I Will Fall Apart
And You Become The Meaning
Of My Life .



Kung lahat ng tao sa paligid mo iniwan ka
H'wag na h'wag mong iisiping ika'y nag-iisa
Nandito lng ako mag-aalaga sa 'yo
Ibibigay ko sa 'yo lahat-lahat pati sariling buhay ko

Pag ika'y nagkamali sa iyong ginawa
Ipapakita ko sa 'yong hindi ka dapat mahiya
Hahawakan ko nang mahigpit ang iyong kamay
At sasabihin ko sa 'yong "hindi ka dapat malumbay"

Ito ang awitin ng buhay ko
Ang lirics nito ay umiikot sa mundo mo
K'ya please h'wag ka mawawala sa buhay ko
Dahil baka matapos ang "your song" ng buhay ko!!!!

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