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Saturday, July 16, 2016

The ALDUB Magic

      It has been a year since the ALDUB is a by-word not only in the entertainment world and our homes, but even as well in the cyber world through social media. The ALDUB phenomenal love team are Alden Richard and Maine Mendoza, the power couple that spans the world, created noise through different social media especially Twitter. Celebrities even outside the Philippines, began to ask and curious what is ALDUB.
     The power couple, has so far received ten (10) awards, aside from the solo awards they
each have received since last year. They are also the most sought brand endorser, as a couple and solo garnering thirty (30) commercial ads from different companies in just a span of one year. Bigger companies such as McDonalds, Coca Cola, Bear Brand Adult Plus, Mitsubishi, Cadbury are among those whom they have endorsed. Successful as it is, they have been in the cover of various magazines from local to international such as Reader's Digest and Forbes magazines. Just recently, in time for its 1st anniversary, the power couple ALDUB, also known as MaiDen or MaiChard leads the YES! Magazine 100 Most Beautiful Artist of the Year. ALDUB is also recognized by Guinness World Records as the Most Used HashTag in 24 hours on Twitter, for its #AlDubEBTamangPanahon (AlDub at the right time) with 40,706,392 tweets in October last year.
     The ALDUB Magic continues .. the power couple celebrated its 1st anniversary, (July 16) in its home tv station and program, GMA Channel 7 & Eat! Bulaga, the number 1 noontime variety show in the Philippines. For the record, Twitter created customized social media emoji for ALDUB for every tweets with its hashtag #ALDUB1stAnniversary, the 1st in Asia. Twitter only does this for NBA FInals , Game of Thrones, and Marvel Movies. And weeks before the anniversary, ALDUB shoot their first solo movie in Como, Italy for their anniversary offering to their fans, the ALDUB Nation. "Imagine You & Me" garnered Php 21 million (almost $ 500,000) on its 1st day of opening.

* The hashtag #ALDUB1stAnniversary garnered 6.6 million tweets in 24 hours on July 16. Real magic!

WATCH: ALDUB 1st Anniversary

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