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Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Choices We Make

     In this life, we dreaded things we usually do. We hate the things that causes us pain, trouble, hassle and difficulty. But the irony of it all, we are what we choose, we are the cause of our choices. 
      We are bothered by floods and landslides, yet we are the ones cutting the trees, digging the lands, and throwing out garbages around without  thinking. We are worried that our seas and natural resources are losing its grandeur, yet we are the ones destroying it, polluting, and creating chaos with the balance of nature. We encountered nuisance people, yet we forget to discipline our children, listen to the elders, even give out a smile. The choices we make is ours but the effect of these choices are for everyone to either be blessed or to suffer. 
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    When things go wrong we tend to blame other people or God for our mishap, yet we never think for a moment that our choices made it. We tend to do things by following other people, going with the flow just because majority of people are doing it, yet what we have to lose is our dignity and character. We have made the choice for not standing up to what is right, instead we made a choice of doing something to make it right. There is a big difference of doing the right thing and enabling something to make the wrong things right. For all the mistakes, for all the choices we made, we sometimes have the option to make it right, but this is not always the case, one wrong choice leads to another.
  The choices we make lest we know, one should remember to think twice..think through..think wisely..think on these things.. is it right? is it the truth? who will be affected? what are the consequences of choosing it?..picture it..imagine..and best of all seek HIS guidance.

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