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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


*image credit to realitysandwich
     Every person has its own fears. These fears came out of unforgettable and fearful experience one had encountered. It only differs how its fear has been taken, to what degree the experience was and to what extent the fear itself. A deeply disturbing experience. Once you have seen the same scenario from other people, or almost the same situation, the fear comes back. The trauma that paralyzes you on that very moment...the trauma that could make you hysterical...the trauma that could even lead to nervous breakdown. I am speaking not only for myself, but for others as well, to those who have that traumatic experience.. one that hits like a dagger, inability to move, a sudden recoiled of that event. Sometimes you have that uncontrollable sudden burst of emotions like crying, anger, fear...the experiences you never wanted to share, the fear that you are afraid to show, the weakness you keep hiding even to yourself..anger to the person who has hurt you throughout. Trauma is a wound so deep..that when you thought it's already healed but it's not .. who can understand the pain? the fear? the memories?.. and why I am writing this?.. only someone who had been or had gone the same experience can understand...and it has no place, I think, in the world of others who has not...

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