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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Angels from Norway Playing with my Daughter

   This is the continuation of the blog I have written a week ago about angels who came from Norway. Click here for the full story about Emily Faith Princess
    This time, this blog is about the free therapy they had administered to my daughter, Emily Faith. They gave us a video copy of the exercises they have done along with a hard copy on how these exercises are being done, its purpose and goal. I think posting it here could somehow help those moms having the same scenario as I am.  
    The goals of these exercises are the following: to strengthen Emily Faith's arms, to  acquire better sitting balance, to do better her general functions as well. So these are the program exercises , the 2 angels, Emmeli and Sarah had
administered. All of these were accompanied by
music so it's kinda like a play too for my daughter.

1) The Hammer. Strengthening her arms by exercising the back of the arms. Easing the function of lifting herself up.
- sitting on a chair with good support, put some papers on the wall making her to hit  the numbers with a hammer alternately both right and left arms.
2) Ball on Numbers. For eye-hand coordination and strengthening her arms.
- just like The Hammer but the papers on the wall may either have numbers or letters written on it, asking her to hit once or twice the numbers or letters.
3) Rolling. To strengthen her stomach and back.
- rolling on the floor with a good rubber mat, making it a play or sing a song to motivate her to do it.
4) Lion. Strengthening her pelvic area, stomach, back and arms.
- crawling, moving from one place to another, with her knee bends while stretching her arms.
5) Jellyfish. To strengthen her whole body and for endurance challenge.
- crawling, pulling the weight of her body putting some obstacles for her to overcome
6) Throwing the Ball . For a good sitting balance and stability.
- sitting on a bench or chair with her legs hanging down, without any support so she could use her both hands at the same time in balancing her body
7) Michael Jackson. For sitting balance and stability.
- playing MJ's music (Wanna be Startin' Something) and initiate creative moves that includes both hands over her head, while sitting on a bench or chair with her legs hanging down. Take note she should not be leaning on anything for support.

...learn and have fun watching this video..:)

* let me know guys if this is already working...

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