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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Day It Started Once Again..Does It End Once Again?

The capture of the moment once again repeat itself..after a year and a half. She cherished the moment that they had been together, praying what has been started would be preserved, if God wills for it. She did not know what he was thinking about it then.
A year and a half had passed, a prominent restaurant had been a witness of two people wanting to take another chance..they were eating when the Big sister had passed by, they looked at each other and smiled.. reading between the lines... He has accompanied her that time when she was looking for a finer pair of shoes. Soon, the dark sky needs to go.. there was this rehearsal for a musicale night to celebrate His coming...they went..

..on their way on a hub cab drive he holds her hand seizing the moment to behold her beauty, capturing the time to promise a better stance this time. It started from then cherish once again the time they have shared, to patronize the gift that He has given start once again for a more nurtured stance..asking to fill in all the shortcomings, promising to have given it more started that day..that day was "today"(click here)...does he remember?

She did not see it coming nor he knew what it was.. the turmoil.. they see it ends the moment..does He approve it? or will He cease that moment for a better one and just let this turmoil passes by?..or is it really meant for them to unhold and let go of each other?..nobody knows..only He knows what His plans are for them..


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  1. True no one knows what future has in its store for us. The cherished moments spent together wouldn't be the same and things ahead might change everything as the days go by. No one know anything, we cant just predict anything.


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