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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dream Dreams

A big house, a luxurious car, an iphone, gadgets..these are what many people dream of nowadays. Most of us have these big dreams but we can always start with a small dream. We can even have five or more dreams at any given time. When we have attained that small dreams, we even replace them with bigger dreams as well. Remember, dreams should be realistic, meaning, do not dream of becoming a superhero or going to Mars. Dreams usually depend on our values and personality. 

How to start dreaming our dreams? 

First, we have to make a list of our dreams. Have a note and pen and start writing down as many dreams as you can. Act now and do not delay writing your dreams. You could even have at least 20 dreams or more, later when you achieve or attain them, you can look back if you have fulfilled many of them. Later on, as you go along, you can add or delete some from the list.
Second, we have to stay focus.
We must know our dreams by heart. Create a vivid image and details of your dreams. If you are dreaming of a car, think of the type, brand, and color as well as the model. Posses your dreams as something you shall have, checking on some cars on sale or on display. Imagine that you are driving them in your mind with people important to you. Create your dream board - cut-out pictures or draw pictures of your dreams in an illustration board and hang them in a place that you can see them more often, serving as inspiration and motivation to achieve those dreams.

Third, we must categorize and prioritize our dreams. According to Marlo Sanchez in his PinoyBisnes book series, we can categorize our dreams with the following categories: personal dreams, dreams for family, dreams for others and community. Ask yourselves - Is it a personal dream that you can derive personal satisfaction over dreams for your family? Something that benefits you alone? Is it a dream for your family that would benefit your parents, spouse or children, or siblings, or even friends? Is it a dream for a community or others? After categorizing each of your dreams, attach a time factor to each dream - when do you want to achieve them.Then, prioritizing which dreams we wanted to achieve first, and so on, by category and time frame.
Lastly and the most important, pray for these dreams. In everything that we will do, we should acknowledge Him. Pray for each dreams and remember God never wanted His children to suffer, He wanted you to be successful. He knows everything about us, our desires, our own sufferings. Give it to Him and He shall lead our path to those dreams. And when the time comes each dreams are fulfilled, never forget to give back, to acknowledge the One who made it possible, and even those people who helped you through rough times. Blessings are abundantly given than we can ever imagined.

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