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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Pedestal

     Pedestal is like a throne that you have put someone into. A pedestal is as high as a tower that you have placed someone on top of it, the peak. Admiring a person who is someone great for you, unblemished, uncritical is also dangerous, not only to that person but also to the one who admires. 
I once had that someone almost perfect on my sight, and yet the saying goes, nobody's perfect. I have to stop and think about it, cannot believe that what this someone had done. Sometimes or most of the times, what we see is not the real thing, We cannot say a person who profess to love the Lord, or had spent most of its life to a seminary or convent is free from temptation and from committing a sin. 
What I have in mind then is a glass pedestal, it slowly crumbles like a shattered glass. They say everybody deserves a second chance, so I gave. Trusting is really hard, but then repairing the tower, the pedestal, the glass..still it had the chirp and crack. Everything goes well till then, until other people would throw something at the pedestal. Once again, it crumbles down, breaks into pieces, shattered glass all over the place. If anyone wanted a piece, it's useless, beyond repair if someone would try to, irreparable.  
     More things learned, be ready, be on alert for temptations to pass through. Listen to your parents especially if you know that they wanted the best for you, all through your life. Everybody is not immune to temptations and sins, even priests, pastors, ministers, open your eyes to life's realities. If you are Asians, especially Filipinos you are not marrying the person but its family as well. Never put someone in pedestal, when it crumbles, it crumbles and shatters with you. Best of all, only One should be put in the pedestal.

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