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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Edemsclaire Hannah, 14

     Having two girls on my brood is a wonderful feeling. I didn't feel how other girls do with their sisters since I don't have a real one. I have five siblings, all four are males and the other one is the in-between female. So, these two girls of mine are really a gift. 
     My first daughter, Edemsclaire Hannah, her name is derived from  our nicknames, her father Ed-ward and I. Our favorite name if ever we would have our first born is Claire, but God wanted it to be a boy. Claire, from our favorite Christian love song Awit Kay Claire*click*(Song for Claire) and Hannah from the Bible, mother of Samuel the prophet. Her faith that God would give her a son and her obedience in dedicating her son Samuel in serving God.
     This is her day and dedicating this blog to my loving daughter, we call her EENAH (I-na). Today is her 14th birthday. The daughter who takes care of her younger siblings when I am away. The daughter who has been my assistant in taking care of baby Faith. I have seen her when she was still four years old, a very strong girl, not afraid to do things to experience the wonders of her childhood days. 
     Barely nine years old when I taught her how to administer a catheter to our baby and all the necessary hygiene and cleaning to be done at that time. She is the mother when I am out. She has a greater influence on her two younger siblings as I am observing them. She is loved by her younger sister and I am seeing they are very close. Last night, when she arrived from  a Bible camp, her younger sister half awake heard her voice, suddenly sit up and call her name. When she found out she has arrived, our baby Faith hugged her. Hmmm...a bit jealous on my part :)..but I am so glad they are that close. 
     As for my present to her birthday, I just put it on her bed that if she wakes up she would see it. She said thank you and we kiss, waited for 12AM to open it, but I am the one excited so I told her to open it  and I know she would love it...jaraannn..and I never did go wrong in chosing the Sanrio Hello Kitty watch for her..
I prayed that she will grow up stronger in the real world and in the Lord. I want her to be the best that she can be, not being affected by what others would say but how her conviction and faith would dictates..L<3 ve U EENAH...
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